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WBS 70 

This Collection is aimed to represent Daniel Kluth's German-Polish Roots and the Homogeneity of Socialist Societies and reflects upon the Beauty of Brutalist Dwellings build in the Soviet Era.  

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Unity through design. Here at the Studio, we believe that design should reflect human behaviour and the same way people interact with each other on a daily basis so should art, design and fashion. Therefore we focus on finding others like-minded to connect and create with. 

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The creation of desirable clothing is in focus across the globe, high levels of consumption and waste come along with it, but the actions taken to protect everything that surrounds us are little to none. At the studio we believe sustainability and long lasting quality are the future and they should be the only way forward.

The fabrics used in the collection are from GOTS certified mills and European businesses with respect for their employees and products. Furthermore the accessories and garments fasten with upcycled car seatbelts and reusable materials. We don’t see sustainability as an obstacle in the creative processes, it is an elevation of quality.


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